Create an Individual Donation Page

Getting started

Memory Giving can set up a donation page for your loved one when the appointed funeral director is not already using our service. Please check with your funeral director, then click the button below to complete the form. Memory Giving will do the rest.

set up a donation page

What happens next?

Once you have submitted the form, we will set up a donation page for your loved one and notify you when the page is ready.

Create A Donation Page FAQs

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions related to creating a donation page. If you have any other questions please email us.

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Our Story

Memory Giving has spent ten years enabling funeral directors throughout the UK to collect charitable donations made in memory and benefit the charity with Gift Aid. We are now enabling families to make and manage their own pages. Use the page to share details about the funeral, during this pandemic share links to live streaming of the service and collect donations to one or more charities.