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With our API you can integrate our search within your own website or other web based application. Display fund page information and donations while maintaining the look & feel of your own site.

Registration Information

Registering for an API Key is easy, just enter your company name & contact details on the api registration form to get started.

If you already have a Funeral Director account with Memory Giving, click here to login then register for your API Key & benefit from associating your account with your new API Key.

Our admin team will review your application & once approved you'll receive an email with your unique API Key & further instructions on what to do next. With your API Key, you will be able to test & experiment with the API using our web services.


The API operations below support the following protocols:

  • SOAP 1.1
  • SOAP 1.2

Click on each API operation to test the operation using the HTTP POST protocol, as well as view examples of the supported protocols.

Download Example Project

We have created a .Net Project that demonstrates all of the API operations to help you get started. Just download the zip file here, extract the contents, then update the web.config with your API Key & Memory Giving User ID.


API Documentation

We have created an API Guide to help you integrate with our services. Just download the file here to get started.



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